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The Heart of Mexico

Since time immemorial maize more than just being considered an essential food of the Mexican Cuisine it was considered “sacred" ; because it was considered the cause of life .

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It is believed that maize has grown wild for 12,000 years. However with the passage of time maize the technique to plant, harvest, grind and cook maize evolved. Until the maize was tamed 5,000 years ago .

The technique of working with the maize
evolved to such a degree that it not only became Mexican food’s basic ingredient, it became a lifestyle (just like the beans and the chile).

The maize was the
bread of the indigenous presented in the form of tortillas , it was also the main course when maize was presented in the form of tamal, moreover it was also the beverage when it was presented in the form of atole.

...there are some beautiful legends surrounding maize and the origin of life.

The Nahuas knew the maize as “atzintzintil" meaning grain of ant. Its legend says that man discovered the maize when they saw an ant taking some grains to the anthill . The grains that the ant was carrying were small and they were not beans nor wheat – they were Maize Grains. That’s how man discovered maize and it was domesticated.

the Popol Vuh (Mayan book) a legend is also told about the creation of man and maize. The legend says that the gods created man from clay but when it was piled up it fell. Due to the failure they had to get rid of it.

Then the gods tried to create man from
wood but it was nothing but a mannequin with no animation, so they had to destroy it.

So the gods tried to create man with
maize , it entered the body to mixed with the blood and organs giving them strength and life.

The Mexicas called the maize “tecintle" meaning food of the gods.

The Mayans called the maize “ixim" .

The Toltecas claimed that they were the ones that found the maize in Tamoanchan (the Mexican Huasteca) and they named it “puxpuch" .

Maize was introduced to the Europeans almost the same day that Christopher Columbus set a foot on America. Two of his sailors got off the ship and returned with a handful of maize . The Spaniards used to say that the indigenous only talk about the maize.

fame and importance transcended borders by becoming one of the 3 most important gramineous in the world: wheat, rice and maize.

Maize has even entered the cinemas in the form of
popcorn . Now even whiskey is made by fermenting maize.

Within the Mexican cuisine there are countless dishes that are prepared with maize like: corn soup , corn torta, tamales, atole, tostadas , gorditas, quesadillas , chilaquiles , enchiladas , chalupas, tacos , basket tacos, tortilla chips , blue tortillas, etc.

Definitely without maize nor the Mexican food, nor the ancient civilizations that inhabited Mexico, nor the Mexicans would be what they are.

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In the Mexican food the variation also exists of using blue maize flour like this one.

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