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Adobo Cream from Guerrero
“The Chilaca Pepper"

As its name says this adobo is typical and originally from the state of Guerrero, located on the west coast of Mexico. The adobos are a mixture of various aromatic ingredients that are used to season pieces of beef , poultry, fish or vegetables before they are cooked.

On this occasion this
adobo requires the chilaca peppers, that are used as main ingredient, which are mixed with tomatillos, garlic cloves, cumin, sour cream, etc. This gives as an end result an adobo with a fresh and spiced flavor .

chilaca pepper is a long and thin chili with a dark green color. It is moderately spicy and when it is left to dry it is known as pasilla pepper.

Guerrero’s gastronomy is very varied and it is influenced by three main currents: the Spanish, the Indigenous and the French. In this adobo the Indigenous touch can be seen with the use of chilies as base. Although it also has a French touch with the use of the sour cream, that reduces the chili’s flavor and it gives a softer consistency to the adobo.

About the Recipe

  • To make this recipe only all the ingredients have to be blended and then the salsa is cooked. A procedure that is very simple to perform.
  • In this recipe the chilaca pepper is used fresh and raw.
  • We recommend that the tomatillos, that are also used in this recipe, have a light green color since they are the ones that have the best flavor.
  • This adobo also has cumin, which has to be used cautiously because the excess of cumin could result in an unpleasant taste.
  • The total preparation time is of 30 minutes.
  • This recipe yields 1 qt of adobo.


  • 8 Chilaca Peppers (1.1 lbs)
  • 6 Tomatillos (10.5 oz)
  • 3 Garlic cloves (.3 oz)
  • 1 teaspoon of Cumin
  • 1 qt of Mexican Cream
  • Pepper to taste
  • 1 teaspoon of Salt

  • Cookware

  • 1 Saucepan
  • 1 Blender
  • 1 Cutting Board
  • 1 Knife

  • Directions

    1. Remove the seeds of 8 chilaca peppers, then put them in a blender.

    If you want your adobo to be less spicy also remove the veins from the chilaca peppers.

    1. Also add in the blender:
    • 6 Tomatillos.
    • 3 Garlic cloves.
    • 1 teaspoon of Cumin.
    • 1 qt of Mexican Cream.
    • Pepper to taste.
    • 1 teaspoon of Salt.

    1. Blend very well the ingredients.
    2. Pour in a saucepan the mixture that was blended and bring it to a boil over high heat.
    3. When the adobo cream from Guerrero boils reduce to low heat and leave it cooking for about 25 minutes, until it thickens a little.

    The cooking is done so the flavors and the texture of the adobo concentrate.

    A Delicious Adobo
    Typical from Guerrero

    Variation: Would you like to taste an adobo with ancho pepper ?

    Did you like the Adobo from Guerrero?

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    Additional Info

    The chilaca pepper is difficult to find however if you want you can buy these seeds and plant them in a warm and airy place. In about 85 days you will be enojoying some delicious chilaca peppers.

    Give the best flavor to your adobo with organic cumin and not only that the aroma will also be formidable.

    Decorate you kitchen with a talavera dish it will look divine – full of color and joy.

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