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Mariquita Salsa
with ancho pepper

This salsa is simple but it is full of flavor and aroma. Its origin is not precise and neither its name but is possible that there were various Mexican families that made this recipe or a very similar version. This is due to the use of ancho pepper, one of the most used in the traditional Mexican cuisine.

– The ancho pepper is a variety of the Poblano pepper that when ripes it acquires an intense red color and then it undergoes through a drying process. When the chili is dried its color is darker, it is moderately spicy and it has a sweetness that combines in an excellent way with any dish that has beef.

In this recipe the ancho pepper is combined with tomato, garlic and more ingredients that give as result an exquisite salsa. It also has a spiced touch because clove and pepper is used to season it.

Without a doubt this is an excellent option for dishes with beef like a good arrachera, a steak with onions or some tacos al carbon.

About the Recipe

  • In this preparation you only have to do easy work.
  • In the recipe chicken stock is used and we recommend that you make it because it will have better flavor.
  • To make the salsa peppercorns are used, preferably don’t substitute them for ground pepper because it has less flavor.
  • For this preparation about 20 minutes are needed.
  • With this recipe 2 cups of salsa will be obtained.


  • 5 Ancho Peppers (1.7 oz)
  • 2 Tomatoes (14.1 oz)
  • 2 Garlic cloves (.2 oz)
  • 2 Cloves
  • 1 cup of Chicken Stock (8.4 fl oz)
  • 1/4 cup of Olive Oil (2 fl oz)
  • 6 Black Peppercorns
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Salt

  • Cookware

  • 1 Saucepan
  • 1 Griddle
  • 1 Blender
  • 1 Bowl
  • 1 Cutting Board
  • 1 Tongs
  • 1 Turner
  • 1 Knife

  • Directions

    Roast the Chilies and the Tomatoes

    1. Put on a griddle of medium heat:
    • 5 Ancho Peppers.
    • 2 Tomatoes.

    The seeds of the ancho peppers are not removed because it is not a very spicy chili.

    1. Roast the chilies for about 2 minutes and the tomatoes for about 5 minutes, until all their side are moderately roasted; move them regularly with some tongs.
    2. Transfer from the griddle to a blender, with the tongs, the tomatoes that were roasted; then reserve.
    3. Transfer from the griddle to a bowl, with the tongs, the ancho peppers that were roasted.
    4. Pour in the bowl, where the ancho pepper were put, 1 cup of boiling chicken stock.
    5. Leave the ancho peppers that were put in the bowl soaking for about 10 minutes, until they soften.

    10 minutes later...

    1. Verify that the ancho peppers that were left soaking are soft, if not leave them soaking for a longer time.
    2. Put in the blender, along with the tomatoes:
    • The 5 Ancho Peppers that were soaked.
    • All the Chicken Stock that was used to soak the chilies.
    • 2 Cloves.
    • 6 Black Peppercorns.

    1. Blend very well the ingredients and reserve.

    Cook the Salsa

    1. Finely chop 2 garlic cloves and reserve.
    2. Heat in a saucepan over medium heat 1/4 cup of olive oil.
    3. Incorporate in the saucepan the garlic cloves that were minced and fry them for approximately 1 minute, until they look a bit transparent; stir regularly.
    4. Add in the saucepan:
    • The Mixture that was blended.
    • 1/2 tablespoon of Salt.

    1. Mix the saucepan ingredients and cook the mariquita salsa for about 5 minutes, until it thickens a little and acquires a more intense color; stir occasionally.

    A Delicious Flavor

    Recommendation: Now try the ancho pepper when it is mixed with peanut.

    Did you like the Salsa?  

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    These ancho peppers are of very good quality and they are excellent for the recipe.

    Use organic pepper in the recipe and get amazed with its flavor.