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In this part of the site are included comments, opinion and humble review about different books that talk about topics related with the Mexican food like its recipes, dishes, customs, traditions, history, etc.

Please don’t take this information for granted, since it is only based in a humble point of view.

Garcia Rivas, Heriberto. “Cocina Prehispánica Mexicana”. Mexico City: Editorial Panorama, 2010.

This book provides a rich and invaluable knowledge by making people know in a very complete form the way it was cooked in the Prehispanic Mexico. Highlighting the customs and traditions that existed before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The book starts talking about the great market of Mexico Tenochtitlan, where interesting quotes about Hernan Cortes are given. From there it proceeds to explain the cookware and the most used condiments of that time.

Later chapters narrate the beverages that were prepared in ancient times, highlighting that the indigenous people did not drink alcohol, it was only used for medical purposes.

Since the indigenous were highly vegetarians, the author devotes large part of the book to herbs, seeds, fruits and vegetables that were used in the kitchen.

Although the indigenous people also ate meat therefore the author describes the hunting instruments, the ways in which the animals were hunted and the recipes that were prepared.

The book ends in a spectacular way by talking about the sacred maize. Explaining its qualities, the ways it was cultivated, its recipes and it also tells some beautiful maize’s legends.

It is definitely a very good book. Possibly the best part of the book is to know the ancient recipes, the way they were prepared and visualize how they have evolved over time.

The only critic that can be raised about the book is that some historical data that is mentioned, may be wrong.

Thanks to this book it can be understood why the Mexican Food is a “World Heritage”, although I’m not sure if there is an english version of this book.

Righter, Evie. “The Best of Mexico a Cookbook”. USA. Collins Publishers San Francisco, 1992.

This is a small book which you can have it very handy to consult some of the most important recipes of the Mexican cuisine which come divided by courses.

The recipes are presented in a very friendly way, since almost all the recipes have beautiful pictures of the dishes. Within the recipes first a brief description of the dish is given, then the ingredients are mentioned and at last the preparation method.

The only complaint that there can be about this book is that there are some recipes that can be prepared in a better and different way. From there on is a very useful book.

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