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Welcome to this site, your site – a site where you will learn in an easy, professional, precise, friendly and fun way to cook authentic Mexican food . You will also learn about the culture, traditions, customs and history that surround in the Mexican cuisine – A World Class Cuisine.

If you don’t have
experience in the kitchen – don’t worry. With us you will be able to cook dishes that are considered very complex . This is thanks to the fact that all the recipes are explained step by step and in detail. There is no way that your dishes will go wrong.

If you cannot tolerate the
spicy food, also don’t worry. The Mexican food is spicy by excellence however in this occasion you are the chef and you can adjust the recipes by using more chiles or less chiles , depending on your spicy food tolerance .

As we all know this site is exposed to the world and it is possible that you may visit us from a place where it is difficult to find Mexican ingredients to prepare these fabulous recipes. If you are in this situation we have a solution for you as has an
alliance with, possibly the largest online store in the planet, where you can buy all the Mexican ingredients that you need . We only suggest you to review the shipping policies to ensure that your country is included.

– While navigating throughout all our recipes on the right column you will find different foods and products that we recommend buying at, so your dishes are a success.

Well it is time that you start cooking delicious Mexican food. You can navigate the site using the
navigation bar that is located in the left column where you will find the dishes by topic (and more surprises) or you can go to the recipe index where you can choose among a wide range of recipes.

In each recipe is given a brief description of the dish, a brief description of the steps to follow in the recipe, the ingredients list, the cookware list, the preparation and additional comments. We recommend you to follow the recipes in this order so your dish will have all the Mexican flavor.

The last thing that we have left to mention is that you
enjoy this site a lot and this cuisine that is so vast, so varied, so full of color and so full of flavor; from which we are sure that you will find various dishes that will fascinate you.

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Mushrooms Epazote Empanadas Horchata Water Cecina Melted Cheese Beef Picadillo
Fried Beef Tacos Mexican Rice Chorizo Quesadilla Garlic Shrimps Peasant Rice
Devil Shrimps Green Salsa Melted Cheese with Chorizo Puebla Style Rice Potatoes with Peppers
Requeson Quesadillas Refried Beans Melted Cheese with Chorizo and Peppers Crab Tostada Mushroom Quesadillas

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