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Accompany your Food with...
Salsas and Dips!

You can see the salsas as the last ingredient that is put on a Mexican dish... like the cherry on the cake .

We know that this may sound confusing but it’s true... think about it. The salsas are there waiting for the
appetizer , your tacos or any main course to be ready so they can be added and give that flavor , that consistency, that texture and that hotness that the dish was lacking . For this reason the salsas are definitely like the cherry on the cake of the Mexican food.

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The salsas are mainly used for:

– Giving more flavor to the food.
– To turn the food
more spicy .
– So the food doesn’t taste
that dry .
– And they are also used to
marinate and cook dishes.

Therefore, whenever you find dry food or with little flavor look for one of the
“Universal Salsas" the green salsa or the red salsa. You’ll be amazed with the results .

There are many ways of preparing salsas:

– Within the
Mexican cuisine the most used ingredients to prepare salsas are: tomato or tomatillo , chile , onion and garlic . These ingredients are basic in the preparation of most of the salsas.

If you want your salsas to stand out from the rest prepare them in a molcajete. You have no idea of the great contribution that the molcajete brings in the salsa preparation. The texture and consistency of the salsa will be extraordinary and its flavor will always be much better.

We also have to mention that the preparation will be
a little bit more complicated ... but for that flavor, is worth the effort.

It doesn’t matter what salsa you want to prepare or for what food you want to use it.
Experiment! That’s the best way to discover the whole world of flavors , combinations and mixtures that the Mexican salsas have to offer to your table.

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Additional Info

Your kitchen has to be well equipped to make Mexican salsas and for that you will need a good molcajete.

It is always good to have handy some fresh jalapeno peppers so you can prepare many types of salsas.

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