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Mexican Soups
Variety, Color and Flavor

When someone thinks about Mexican soups the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious tortilla soup. This is the most famous and popular soup in all Mexico for its texture and combination of flavors it’s simply amazing.

But that’s not all... there is more... much more. The Mexican soups are
so abundant that there is no “comida corrida" without a soup – they are an excellent prelude of the main course .

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In the world of soups it is very important to highlight “the broths", which serve as a base to prepare soups and give them more flavor.

– Therefore in order to cook a
good and tasty Mexican soup, full of flavor, first you must learn how to cook well the stocks and then the soups.

The most used stocks in the Mexican cuisine are the following:

Once you have achieved the mastery on the stocks , then you can start cooking some exquisite soups.

Although it is important to note that not all soups are prepared with broth as a base, but in the Mexican cuisine it is a good start to begin cooking broths and then the soups.

Now let’s talk about the soups.
Within the world of the Mexican soups there are 2 main branches:

– The Soups
– The Creams

The soups consist of an ordinary soup based in one ore more ingredients like the shellfish soup , corn soup , black bean soup , chilpachole , menudo , etc.

On the other hand
the creams are also ordinary soups, the only difference is that these always have as a base a dairy product like milk or cream . With this type of base the soup acquires a creamy and thick consistency.

Within these type of soups (creams) there is the
cream of corn soup , cream of bean soup , cream of mushroom soup, etc.

If you thought that that’s all in what Mexican soups consist of, you are worng... there’s still more. There are also soups that on their own are a whole complete meal like the pozole.

The pozole is quite an experience, it definitely is a dish that you have to try to understand how an entire meal can be summarized in a soup .

– Another soup that we would dare to classify as a complete meal is the
Tlalpeno Soup .

...there are also
very exotic soups like the lima soup.

Just to avoid confusion at the Mexican restaurants and fondas it is commonly asked if you are going to order a
dry soup ? We know that it sounds confusing and that’s nothing but another way of calling the appetizers.

And when you are asked if you want a watery soup , those are indeed all the soups that we have been talking about.

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Additional Info

If you want to cook the Mexican soups with Mexican style, you will have to make them in a clay pot.

To cook the Mexican soups there are times in which a large saucepan is needed like the Excelsteel. The advantage of this saucepan is that it is very resistant because it is made of stainless steel and since its base is encapsulated it distributes better the heat.

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