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Start your Meal with
– Mexican Appetizers –

The antojitos in Mexico are always served as a first plate and they have the function of preparing the palate to venture in the flavors of the Mexican Food .

See All the Mexican Antojitos that you can Prepare.

To start this magnificent adventure , these are some antojitos that you can prepare before the main course:

  • A Mexican Rice, it consists of a red rice accompanied of diverse vegetables. The combination is outstanding and the dish is full of color.
  • Or if you prefer another type of rice – the Puebla Style Rice changes our notion of rice for a green, spicy and delicious rice.
  • ... and speaking about spicy food – the Devil Shrimps will leave you that spicy sensation that will make you ask for more Mexican dishes.
  • If these options don’t convince you – everybody likes the traditional and classical Quesadillas and you won’t be able to refuse them.
  • Or do you want to give a slight twist to the quesadillas, try the Sincronizadas that consist of quesadillas with ham.

... and the list goes on and on. There’s always a good Mexican appetizer waiting for you, to start with your Mexican meal.

To be honest the antojitos don’t only have the function of being entry plates, they are also served as side dishes accompanying diverse main courses like:

The options are infinite ... as you can see, infinite dishes can be selected and combined – and here is where the Mexican food becomes Very Interesting because it gives the opportunity of creating , designing and experimenting your own combinations.

It is incredible that a cuisine gives such freedom to people of letting their creativity soar and discover new and delicious flavors that then they can share.

– This is how the
Mexican cuisine has grown and evolved , thanks to the creativity of its people .

And that’s not all, there is still more. The
antojitos functionality doesn’t stop there , because they can also be served as:


⊱ Snack.

⊱ You can also offer them in Parties.

Definitely, the Mexican antojitos are fantastic , without them the Mexican food would not have that touch of joy , color and flavor . So now you know that whenever you want to prepare a Mexican main course start with the antojitos and make your meal a “delight" .

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Start Cooking Mexican Antojitos

Potatoes with Peppers Crab Tostada Charro Beans
Garlic Shrimps Mexican Rice
Quesadillas with Potatoes Melted Cheese with Chorizo Mushrooms Epazote Empanada
Pot Beans Quesadilla with Peppers
Devil Shrimps Chicken Tostadas Mushroom Quesadillas

Additional Info

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To make the antojitos sometimes a blender is used. Then make sure of having a good blender like the “Ninja Professional Blender" that with its 6 blades technology is capable of blending all – it is very powerful.

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