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Human Sacrifices
and the Mexican Food

This is going to be a very controversial topic , because it is recorded in history that human sacrifices were performed in Mexico and then people used to eat the slaughtered.

IT IS NOT TRUE . Human sacrifices were never practiced throughout all the history of the Pre-Hispanic Mexico (before the arrival of the Spaniards), furthermore they were not cannibals .

– The Ancient Civilizations Adored Life... they did not destroy it.

We know that it sounds
very weird because it’s quite likely that this information goes against all what you have been taught and all what you have learned. For this reason we have to say it again. A human sacrifice was never performed in the Ancient Mexico .

We know... it’s a pity, but all what you have learned about Mexico’s Ancient Civilizations is nothing but a lie . It is a crude reality but history is full of lies, because it is written by the victors not by the losers.

– It is not that the losers are the possessors of the truth. No! But
their version about history must be heard .

Now we know that you have many questions and doubts about this topic and it is time to give answers.

Priest Scarfing and the Autopsy

On one side history tells us that a high priest grabbed a dagger and nailed it down in the chest of a person, he would remove the heart still beating and offered it to the Gods.

The reality is that
in an autopsy if a doctor has to remove the heart of a person to analyze it, he has a lot of work ahead . He has to cut skin, muscles, bones, cartilage, veins, arteries and much more... to carry out all this procedure electric saws are used and it takes around 18 minutes to complete this task.

Now, do you really believe that a priest with a simple dagger could pull out the heart of a person
still beating , in matter of seconds. You decide what is true and what is a lie.

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The Nahuatl and the Sacrifices

If the history of a civilization really wants to be known, it is elemental to study and know their language . Because it is the access key to their historical richness.

In Mexico
Nahuatl was spoken and history tells that millions of people were sacrificed non-stop all day long and all the time.

That’s fine, then if you have such a normal ritual, so important, so common and so frequent
you have to assign a word or a name to this event .

How is sacrifice said in Nahuatl?

There is no word , the word sacrifice does not exist in the Nahuatl language. You decide.

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Deaths in Home

History also tells us that when the Spaniards entered into the houses of the indigenous people they found pots with human remains .

This fact is true, indigenous people kept their ancestors in pots inside their houses because it was a custom.
Dead people had to return to their place of origin . They were not eaten they only followed a tradition .

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The Legacy of the Mexican Food

The Mexican food is a legacy that has survived for millenniums to our days. Therefore if the ancient indigenous people were cannibals , human meat should be a typical ingredient of the Mexican food.

In case that you have never been in Mexico, come and go out to eat authentic Mexican food and order a child broth or a human leg steak. You will be amazed, these dishes do not exist, they are not available; because
never throughout all history Mexicans have been cannibals .

With this topic we could keep going on and on... but with these facts is enough to change your
perspective and understanding of history.

Well let’s include one more example...

The Coyolxauhqui

Upon seeing the Coyolxauhqui’s sculpture one can affirm that it is a vestige and evidence that human sacrifices did exist. Because the image of a woman is presented into pieces.

False! The Coyolxauhqui is
a Moon representation , if someone is a little bit observer will see how the Moon is projected... in many pieces ... sometimes there is only half of it, or three quarters or only one quarter can be seen. The Moon is presented to us dismembered and this is what the Coyolxauhqui symbolizes.

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– Definitely, the Ancient Civilizations that inhabited in Mexico did not do any human sacrifice. Sadly in Mexico human sacrifices were performed and they were realized by the Spaniards.

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