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Mexican Food

Within the Mexican food there can be found a wide variety of both recipes as curiosities , that is, it can be seen how there are present elements that are not used in any other country. The clearest example to start talking about this topic is that it is presumed that Mexican food is easy to make ; which is true in some recipes but the reality is that there are also very complex recipes to make .

The Mexican gastronomy is very
varied and broad , there are dishes that are very easy to make like the quesadillas , however, there can be found some that its preparation take whole weeks like the pickled onions. There are also quite varied ingredients like the ajis, also characteristic of the Mexican food, and there are used up to 16 types of ajis.

To add more curiosity in the Mexican food there are also the insects. Yes the insects are also part of some Mexican dishes . A type of insect that is consumed in Mexico is called maguey worm , however there are also more insects that are edible other than the maguey worm and some of them happen to be very expensive.

Other Curiosities of the Mexican Food

Another curiosity is what the Mexican women do to test if the eggs are good to be consumed or not. What they do is to throw them in a container with water, if the eggs float is because they are bad, if the eggs sink they are excellent to be eaten.

It is said that in antiquity the Mayans that inhabited 5 Mexican States, added
piquant spices to the chocolate . In addition from being a curiosity, it is the reason of having such a flavor in the food of the Yucatan Peninsula, because the Mexican food has been directly influenced by the Mayan culture, Aztec, Olmec, etc.

– It is curious but the Mexican food
has also been influenced by other continents like the European and the Asiatic , that’s why there are a wide variety of foods.

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The Chillies, Primordial Element of the Mexican Food

One of the most important characteristics of the Mexican food is the use of chillies . But this can easily be understood as it is the vegetable product that contains more vitamin C , that is, contains more of this vitamin than even the citrus like the lime, the orange, the grapefruit and other type of citrus that are sold in the market.

– Thanks to this example it can be seen that the Mexican food is not only delicious, it is also
healthy .

Speaking more about the chillies, they have another curiosity and that is that after the salt it is
the most found product in the Mexican gastronomic market . The curiosity that is harder to believe, is that the chillies are fruits not vegetables ; in function that no one would go to the market to ask for chillies in the fruit section.

Another healthy feature about the chillies is that they
are high in vitamin A . It is said that the chillies have more vitamin A than the carrots, to the extent that a spoonful of piquant salsa can give the amount of vitamin A that the body needs to work during the day.

For all these points and more now it is easy to understand why the chili is so present and so alive in the Mexican food.

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