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School Shark Bread
- what a creativity -

This is a recipe originally from the state of Campeche, where its fish market has have more coloring than any other in Mexico – with fishes of all sizes, fresh and bright. Within this variety of fishes is the school shark, which is a type of small shark that is used a lot in many traditional dishes of Campeche.

The school shark bread is one of those dishes and it consists of a
tortilla with refried beans, to which shredded school shark is put and it is seasoned in a red salsa , better known as chiltomate. Then that tortilla is piled up with more equal tortillas and as a final touch the school shark bread is garnished.

*The funny thing about this recipe is that it is named school shark bread and it doesn’t have bread. The reason behind this name is because the tortillas make the function of the bread . Since they acquire a texture and a consistency similar to that of the bread.

This dish is eaten as main course and it is normally served plain, although if you want to accompany it you can put a
white rice.

About the Recipe

  • Now get ready to work a lot with many ingredients, a long many stages, following many instructions. But the result will be delicious and original.
  • Really try to buy skinless and boneless school shark because they are very difficult to remove.
  • Prepare with us the refried beans that are used in this recipe. In Campeche, like in almost all the states in the south of the county, the preferred bean is the black.
  • Also prepare homemade corn tortillas so your dish will have more freshness.
  • In just you will have a delicacy on your table.
  • Recipe for 4 school shark breads.


  • 1.1 lbs of skinless and boneless School Shark
  • 1 cup of Refried Beans (8.8 oz)
  • 16 Corn Tortillas (11.2 oz)
  • 4 Tomatoes (21.1 oz)
  • 2 Habanero Peppers (.7 oz)
  • 1 Avocado (8.8 oz)
  • 2 Onions (10.5 oz)
  • 2 Garlic cloves (.2 oz)
  • 10 Coriander sprigs (3.5 oz)
  • 2 Epazote sprigs (.7 oz)
  • 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
  • 3/4 of a tablespoon of Salt

  • Cookware

  • 2 Saucepans
  • 1 Frying Pan
  • 1 Griddle
  • 1 Blender
  • 1 Measuring Cup
  • 1 Large Plate
  • 1 Chopping Board
  • 1 Tongs
  • 1 Kitchen Spoon
  • 1 Turner
  • 1 Strainer
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Spoon

  • Directions

    Prepare the Chiltomate Salsa

    1. Put on a griddle over medium heat:
    • 4 Tomatoes.
    • 2 Habanero Peppers.
    • 1 Onion (5.2 oz).

    If the habanero pepper is too spicy for you, the seeds and the veins can be removed so it is less spicy.

    1. Roast the chilies for approximately 1 minute and the onion and the tomatoes for about 3 minutes, until all their sides are lightly roasted; move them regularly with some tongs.

    It is possible that the chilies and the tomatoes will be ready before the onion.

    1. Transfer from the griddle to a blender, with the tongs, all the ingredients that were roasted.
    2. Also add in the blender:
    • 10 Coriander sprigs.
    • 1/4 tablespoon of Salt.

    1. Blend slightly the ingredients and reserve.

    The chiltomate is blended slightly so it has a thick consistency and some small chunks of ingredients.

    Cook the School Shark

    1. Clean 1.1 lbs of skinless and boneless school shark.
    2. Put the school shark that was cleaned in a saucepan, also add:
    • 1/2 Onion (2.6 oz).
    • 1 Garlic clove (.1 oz).
    • 2 Epazote sprigs.
    • The enough Water to cover all the saucepan ingredients.
    • 1/2 tablespoon of Salt.

    1. Bring the saucepan water to a boil over high heat.
    2. When it boils reduce to medium heat and leave the school shark cooking in the boiling water for about 12 minutes, until it is well cooked.

    While the School Shark is Ready... The Refried Beans

    1. Finely chop 1/2 onion (2.6 oz) and 1 garlic clove (.1 oz); then set aside.
    2. Heat in a frying pan over medium heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
    3. Incorporate in the frying pan:
    • The Onion that was minced.
    • The Garlic clove that was minced.

    1. Mix the frying pan ingredients and fry them for approximately 1 minute, until they look a bit transparent; stir regularly.
    2. Add in the frying pan 1 cup of refried beans.
    3. Mix the frying pan ingredients and fry them for about 4 minutes, until all the ingredients are well fried; stir regularly. Then set aside.

    All this procedure is done so the refried beans have more flavor.

    Back to the School Shark

    1. Verify that the school shark that was left cooking is well cooked, the meat must be soft and firm; if not cook it for a longer time.
    2. Take from the saucepan the school shark with a kitchen spoon, wait until it cools a little and shred it.
    3. Put in another saucepan:
    • The School Shark that was shredded.
    • 1 cup of the Salsa that was prepared (8.4 fl oz).

    1. Mix the saucepan ingredients and cook the school shark over medium heat for about 5 minutes, until the salsa thickens; stir occasionally. Then set aside.

    Prepare the School Shark Bread

    1. Heat on the griddle over medium heat 16 maize tortillas for about 30 seconds per each side, until they are well heated.
    2. Remove the tortillas from the griddle and smear over 12 of the tortillas that were heated, with a spoon, the refried beans that were cooked.
    3. Put over the refried beans that were smeared, the school shark that was cooked.
    4. Make piles of 3 tortillas, with the 12 tortillas with the ones you worked. A type of 3 story sincronizada will be created and 4 piles will be obtained.
    5. Put on a large plate the 4 tortilla piles. Put over each pile 1 of the corn tortillas that were heated and strain over the piles the remaining salsa.
    6. Cut 1 avocado into strips and put some strips over each school shark bread.

    If you want to present the recipe in its most traditional way, put 1 roasted habanero pepper over each school shark bread. We don’t give the recipe in that way because it is difficult to tolerate the habanero pepper hotness.

    Good Job!

    School Shark Bread

    * If you want to garnish the school shark bread you can sprinkle over the dish, some minced coriander.

    Tip: We have also seen this recipe with minced hard-boiled egg, which is sprinkled over the dish.

    Did you like the School Shark Bread?

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    Additional Info

    In this recipe you will need many tortillas and you can use the delicious “La Banderita Corn Tortillas".

    If you don’t find fresh habanero pepper, you can also use it in its pickled version.

    In this recipe the epazote is very important because it gives to the dish another flavor and another touch.

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