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History of the Typical
Mexican Dishes

The history of the typical Mexican plates dates back to thousands of years back in time , because it is one of the strongest and most varied gastronomies that preserves many elements of the Ancient Civilizations. Although many modifications have come to Mexico, by means of the Colonization and other factors, it has always been struggled to remain loyal to antiquity.

– In fact the Ancient Civilizations that inhabited Mexico performed
incredible preparations with native ingredients which are still the base for the preparation of the most delicious typical Mexican dishes.

How the Typical Mexican Dishes are Created

The origin of all what today can be referred as Mexican food, without a doubt most of it comes from maize . More than 10,000 years ago when the natives that inhabited Mexico understood how to tame and produce maize to satisfy their nutritional needs it unleashed one of the strongest and most varied culinary traditions that can be found in the world nowadays.

great cultural diversity that existed in the Pre-Colombian Mexico, caused that in each region were developed thousands of ways to take advantage of the corn and to integrate it with ingredients that could be found in such places. In this way is how the diversity of “Typical Mexican Dishes" is created – that have remained and have also evolved by the influence of other cultures like the Spanish.

Basically with the arrival of the Spaniards the habits changed, ways of preparing food, ways of presenting food and even ways of eating. Until the large table of Mexico was built which has been able to maintain as one of
the strongest typical gastronomies in the world .

With the
inclusion of new ingredients in the typical Mexican food, due to the arrival of the Spaniards, it was possible that the wide range of typical Mexican dishes was enhanced and new ways of preparing delicious dishes were found.

However this process also was reversed because
Mexico also contributed a great legacy to the world gastronomy that ranges from food preparation methods, new dishes and ingredients like the tomato, the vanilla, the potato, etc. – that in a short period of time they became star ingredients of thousands of European dishes.

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The Main Typical Mexican Dishes

The typical Mexican dishes have evolved and their main characteristic is the dish diversity and the richness of its flavors; that can be found in all the regions of Mexico.

Just to mention some of these dishes are:

✴ Yucatan’s Cochinita Pibil.

✴ The Mole from Puebla or Oaxaca.

✴ The Pozole from Jalisco, Sinaloa or Guerrero.

✴ The Cabrito from Coahuila or Nuevo Leon.

✴ Campeche’s School Shark Bread.

✴ The Menudo from Sinaloa, Sonora or Chihuahua.

✴ The Purepechas Corundas from Michoacan.

These are just some examples of some traditional dishes that have
transcended the boundaries of time and the difficulties of the conquest to stay within the table of typical Mexican dishes.


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